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The Joyful Journey Baby Expo Extravaganza’ is an incredible ‘one stop baby shop’ showcase event designed to bring attention to the extensive variety of baby goods, products, services and other affiliated ‘baby’ interests available for ‘you and your special baby’ in today’s marketplace.

Hilton Orlando Hotel
6001 Destination Pkwy
Orlando, FL 32819

Sunday, April 27, 2014 from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

70 Exciting Vendor Categories for Moms and their family members
to explore at ‘Journey of Joy Children’s Events’ Baby Expo

maternity photo

‘Those Meaningful Mompreneurs’
– Designated for showcasing Moms and the businesses which they work from home

‘Heartfelt Moments’
– Keepsake baby items for remembering the special arrival moments

‘Special Delivery’
– Preparing for your baby’s birth
– The delivery experience

‘Baby In Bloom’
– The Expectant Mother

‘Diamond Dads’
– Special gifts for ‘Dynamic Dads-To-Be’
– Ideas for making Dad’s a special part of the pregnancy and keeping them involved in the process.

‘Toddler Tumble Time’
– Children’s Gym & Exercise Facilities Showcase & Activity area

‘Blissful Blending’
– A focus on the blended family

‘The ABC’s of Baby’s Academics’
– Showcasing educational learning material & equipment for babies that aid in the development of building intellect and skills ability

‘The World Class Baby And Their Customs’
– Showcase exhibit of baby customs around the world

baby photography‘Baby Fresh Face’
– Baby & Children Photographers who capture the essence of your child

‘Awesome Attractions’
– Featured family & children attractions

‘Family Fun & Entertainment’
– What to do & where to go

‘The Essence Of Family Is Built On Love’
– Family resource center
– Resource literature

‘Let’s Play’
Featured play equipment for babies

‘Goo Goo, Ga Ga….From Gurgles To Small Talk’
– The development of language
– Language acquisition and its significance…meet and talk to the experts

‘Purposeful Parenting’
– A Potpourris of parenting styles
– Explore various styles of parenting and find out what kind of parenting style you have
– Meet and greet family and life coaches

baby resting on shoulder‘Baby Blessings’
– Christian Ministries that provide aid to the needs of babies and their parents
– Showcase of Christian Organizations

‘Abilities Within Disabilities’
– Products designed for aiding babies born with varying disabilities

‘The Well-Baby & Well-Child Focus’
-Hospitals and Medical Programs that care…

‘Healthy Habits, Healthy Heart, Have A Hoot For A Healthy Start’
– Exhibit that promotes the necessity for good prenatal care

‘The Pregnant Princess’
– Pampering products for Moms
-Spas and other ‘pampering’ experience options for parents

‘Places To Call Home & Other Real Estate Options For Families’
– Meet local Realtors that will help make your dream home come true!

‘Pet Possibilities’
– Exploring the possibilites of family pets
– Pet Store Galore exhibits

‘Family Vacation & Family Travels’
– Ideal vacation places for your family travels
– Explore the possibilities of family travel fun!

baby fashion‘Family Cars’
– Finding the perfect car for your family
– Auto Dealers that offer great options

‘The Reading Room’
– Building your child’s reading experiences as a baby…it’s never too early

‘Fashion Fabulous Baby’
– Clothing apparel for babies, toddlers and young children

‘Banking Bonuses’
– The benefits of learning how to save
– Positive banking experiences for the young child
– Saving money for baby

‘Those Musical Moments’
– Dance Studios, Singing Classes, Music and Performing Arts Studios that cater to toddlers and young children

‘Connected Community’
– Community Organizations and other Community Interests to explore

happy baby‘All Occasion Party Planning’
– Finding the experts in the party planning field
– Helping hands for your baby and toddlers party plans
– Birthday, Christening, Baby Showers too….it’ll be all about strictly helping you

‘Creative Cooking For Toddlers & Young Children’
– The ‘easy meal prep plan’ for parents with toddlers and young children

‘Glorious Grandparents’
– There’s a reason for the ‘Grand’ in ‘Grandparents’
– How to get the help you need from seasoned family members who play a special role in your baby’s life
-Handling Grandparents with care

‘Parents Purchasing Power’
– Featured baby & toddler products
– Retail store promotional exhibits

‘Kids Care Showcase’
– A focus on Day Care Centers, Nursery Schools, Baby Sitters

‘The Creative Toddler’
– Art & Crafts for babies & toddlers

‘Sweet Dreams’
– Cribs, Youth Beds and Baby Bedding Showcase

baby with daddy”Life As A Baby’
– Life insurance company exhibits
– Exploring the affordability of life insurance for babies

‘Siblings Are Significant’
– Family Resource Guides on helping siblings cope with the new baby

‘A Spark of Joy’
– Inspirational stories for children
– Inspirational children’s stories and poems

‘I Can’t Read All By Myself….Just Yet’
– Developing your babies reading interest
– Books, Books, Books…especially designed for babies and toddlers to enjoy!

‘Bargain Basics For Baby’
– Bargain Shoppers Paradise and other affordable shopping avenues

‘Lullaby & Goodnight’
– Musical sounds for baby to sleep by day or at night

‘Mothers of Multiples Are Uniquely Blessed’
– The special world of twins, triplets and ‘more as magnificent’
– Coping strategies for ‘mothers of multiples’

‘Family Resource Center And Other Helpful Guides’
– Help is on its way!
– Fundamental family resource guides and other things for parents to live by daily

‘Minding Manners in Babies and Toddlers’
– Raising a well-mannered young child

‘The Lactating Mother’
– Moms milk is meaningful to your baby’s health

baby safety‘I’m Seated Safely’
– Exploring proper car seat safety

‘Pals At Play’
– Playground equipment for toddlers and the benefit of outdoor play in a young child’s development

‘Sitting, Crawling, Standing, Walking, Running’
– The ‘ings’ and ‘outs’ of these developmental stages…

‘Music & Movement’
– Harmonizing your baby’s life with music and movement for baby and you

‘Tummy Mine, Tummy Fine’
– Good food ideas for your growing toddler and young child

‘Joy In The Morning And Other Everyday Experiences For Moms And Their Baby’
– Routines Are Important…Planned, Prepared and Ready for it all!
– Keeping up with the daily routines…the importance of calendars, schedules and helpful daily reminders

‘Lord, Help Me To Get Through My Day!’
Maid Service options for tired moms

‘Calm In The Midst Of Your Sometimes Chaotic Day’
– Soothing beauty solutions for Moms…Scented candles, body lotions, face masks, perfumes and other wonderful beauty products

‘Celebrating Your Baby’s Arrival’
– Acknowledging the new family dynamics created with baby and inviting the endless possibilities

‘Happy Home And New Decor’
– Home ‘fixings’ made fun while also ‘baby proofing’

‘The Stroller Scene’
– Baby strollers for going places and moving right along…

baby sleeping‘Bedding For Your Baby’
– Bountiful ideas on bedding for babies

‘Mommy’s Love, Plush Toys And Other Snugly Things’
– Bonding with baby, plush toys and other snugly things for baby

‘Maternity Fashion Merry’
– Maternity clothes for the modern, traditional or conservative Mom…showcase of maternity fashion

‘Dental Drools’
– Pediatric Dentists for young children
– Caring for little teeth

‘Prospective Pediatricians’
– Finding the right Pediatrician for your baby

‘Baby Steps’
– Shoes for your baby

‘Baby Bliss vs. Postpartum Baby Blues
– Resources to help Moms overcome postpartum depression
– Maintaining an upbeat spirit

baby on vacation‘ Celebrating Family & Baby Life’
– A new baby is a family affair…show your love!
– Baby gifts and special keepsakes for everyone

‘Vacationing With Baby And Where-To Go’
Showcasing ideal vacation spots that are ‘baby’ and ‘family friendly’

‘Work-At-Home Options For Marvelous Moms’
– Looking to be hired by a company with work-from-home options?
– Explore the possibilities at the Baby Expo with companies willing to hire you
– ‘Marvelous Moms Recruitment’

‘The Beach Baby’
– Beach Resorts that babies can handle…a resource guide to the best beach resorts that care for and readily accommodate your baby

‘Dipper Dapper Diaper Services’
– Finding the right diaper service for you

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