Why sign up as a Vendor?


‘Journey of Joy Children’s Event’ Vendors receive the following in conjunction with their participation in ‘The Joyful Journey Baby Expo Extravaganza’ or ‘Life’s A Special Journey Children’s Expo Showcase’ events:

• An extensive marketing campaign done to promote the overall event interest via radio, print (newspaper and magazine), social media marketing, event flyer distribution, e blasts, targeted diverse audience event attendees, event promotion done utilizing participation at other event forums, billboards, signage, TV commercials, word-of-mouth and more.

Creative marketing, family and children’s consumer attention with effective advertising is initiated as a definite plus!

• As an Expo show participant, ‘Journey of Joy Children’s Events’ offers its Vendors added value opportunities for getting parents’ attention beyond the confines of their individual Vendor Table by allowing them to place their company promotional items in Goody Gift Bags for distribution to attendees.

• ‘Journey of Joy Children’s Events’ gives you the ability to donate a Grand Prize (MUST BE BETWEEN $300 – $500 IN VALUE) and/or an Ultimate Prize (MUST BE BETWEEN $600 – $850 IN VALUE) or a Spectacular Prize (MUST BE $1,000 OR OVER IN VALUE).

‘Journey of Joy Children’s Events’ will bring parents, children and families to you at all the event presentations!

• Journey of Joy Children’s Events’ will connect you to other businesses that focus on Baby or Children’s services or products

• ‘Journey of Joy Children’s Events’ are a fantastic way to come face-to-face with Parents, Children and Families that are ready to utilize your products or services.

• ‘Journey of Joy Children’s Events’ gives Vendors/Exhibitors 4 full hours of contact time with attendees in a quality, fun-filled and interactive atmosphere where babies and children are wonderfully celebrated!

• ‘Journey of Joy Children’s Events (specifically the Expo events) provides a special ‘Speaker/Presenter’ forum in a separate room with a captive audience away from the main exhibit area as an added incentive Sponsor bonus (This is a limited Speaker forum however, as aligned with specific levels of event Sponsorship)

• ‘Journey of Joy Children’s Events’ provides an appealing atmosphere and well-lit room area for showcasing your company, your services and your products.

• ‘Journey of Joy Children’s Events’ promises to always celebrate the wonder and ‘JOY’ of babies and children via their event presentations!

‘Journey of Joy Children’s Events’ invites you to be proactive in advising others of your involvement in the various events by inviting them to visit your Vendor/Exhibitor table. We also encourage you to be creative and innovative in drawing attention to your individual company showcase. An attractive and well-presented table helps draw positive attention to what you have to offer parents for themselves, their babies and young children!

Babies and Children are a special blessing…engage in the beauty and intrigue of them all with JOY!

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